Saturday, July 21, 2012

Surprise Visit

We have just survived the first week back after the 2 week school holidays. The boys were great through it. They managed a few days at a holiday programme which they loved. I do have pictures of the production they were both involved with at the end but I will post those pictures another time.

My dad currently works in China, and he suddenly surprised us all by coming back to New Zealand for a visit just as the holidays began. It was awesome to have him here. He managed to come and stay with us twice and each time he stayed for 2 nights. The boys had such fun with him, it was lovely to see them with him. We even managed to attend a Super 14 Rugby match. We don't watch a lot of sport but to have the opportunity to go and see a live game is always fun.

everyone is chewing on warm mini doughnuts

I was actually taking part in the Scavenger hunt at this time and totally forgot to get a picture of someone playing with a ball!
The game was very interesting, a lot was always happening at the other end of the field to where we were sat so everyone had to keep turning behind them to look up at the large screen. Seemed very odd to have the game happening off to our left but everyone was turned looking up to their right!
The team I was supporting won but it was also the oposing team to the grounds we were sat in so sometimes it was difficult to cheer for your team as the other supporters were more dominent. It was fun though and we had a super time.

What did catch my eye though was this ATM machine in the grounds

Yep its mobile and stored in the back of a transit van. What I loved most was the wheel clamps on all the wheels, just in case someone tried to drive away!!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love surprises like that!! I'm so glad you all had that time together! You can just see it in the smiles.