Sunday, July 08, 2012

War is Called

There is war in this house, well there was until the weather took a slight turn for the colder moment.
It was definitely a war that was going to be won and I was going to win it. The opponent did not stand a chance although they fought long and hard!
Outside I have a lovely flower bed at the edge of the front deck. I try to keep some colour in there in the winter prior to planting our annual sunflower competition.

This is a closer look at the Kale that I planted this year. Never planted it before and had seen it around. It looked so cool.

No this is not who I have declared war against. This is our cat Prenzel who loves to be with you if you are outside at all.
This on the other hand is exactly who I have declared war against.

Little green caterpillars who have decided that the Kale is their new pantry. I don't think so!
So I have been regularly checking the plants and removing said bugs, and squashing them, they ooze green when you stand on them too.
I seem to have beaten them and they seem to have made a hasty retreat back to whence they came from, wherever that may be?
Although the really cold weather we are having at present may also account for the lack of them as it is just way too cold for them to want to snack on my lovely plants!


Alison said...

I have a constant battle against these too!
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOVE the pop of color!!

Ohhh nasty little bugs!