Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt #11 A Shadow

This was one of the hunt items that I knew would be easy to complete....well as long as the weather was on my side!

However from when I decided to do this we have not really had a nice sunny day to achieve such picture/s.
Yesterday whilst at the caravan with the family the sun actually shone, well for a little while anyway, would you believe it?
So whilst obtaining a shadow picture I actually ended up with several. The family joined in and we had a lot of fun obtaining some pictures with shadows.

I also informed my family about this scavenger picture hunt I am doing and suddenly they were all excited about trying to help mummy find things to picture, so we actually achieved several pictures this weekend. I will share only the shadow ones for this post and put some others in another post soon.

This is what I decided my shadow picture would be of.....the swimming stuff drying in the sun, but then the boys wanted to join in so we had some fun

they enjoyed moving around and making fun patterns on the ground


but then so did I

had to get a sneaky picture of hubby joining in, even if he didn't know he was joining in at this stage!

although hubby got with it for this one, he is the one trying to make bunny ears over the top of Ben!


So this item was a lot of fun to achieve and the whole family joined in. Which they also managed to do for a few more of the other items to come soon.


Alison said...

Great shadow pics...glad the boys enjoyed the fun too!
Alison xx

Jeremy Bates said...

Looks like everyone had some fun there. Life with simple unique things always seems to turn out for the good.

Melissa said...

What fun photos!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the ones with the boys - just perfect!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl you rock with the shadows. I so wouldn't want to show off my shadow at this time .. hehe