Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Mail

Everyone loves receiving surprises and things that make them feel special.
Well I am no exception to that and so was really lucky when I got a little package from my friend Alison over in Spain.
I say my friend, but we have never met, but in this day and age I don't think that makes any difference. You connect and bond wherever possible. As the saying goes....A Season, a reason or a lifetime. People come into your life for whatever the reason.

Here is what I was lucky enough to have received:

An adorable little handmade card with some lovely reassuring words inside. Just what I need at the moment whilst desperately seeking a new job.

A cute little mixed package of cross stitch stuff, several little DMC threads, how well she knows me to know I don't do Anchor! A lovely little cross stitch kit to make and a little bird to watch over me whilst I sew.

The kit is of a milk jug with tea cups and comes with everything you need to complete it. I will have fun one day making that up.

So thank you Alison, it finally arrived and in good time too, only took a week, although customs had opened it to inspect it (I know as there was a slip of paper in there telling me so!) but that doesn't bother me as one reason New Zealand is so beautiful is because we have such vigilant custom people who keep the country that way.

Thank you


Jeremy Bates said...

Coolness! I have loved receiving mail since I was a little kid receiving Tarzan vitamins. lol

As for a job, have you tried going to Craigslist and supplementing your income with temporary writing jobs?

Maria Ontiveros said...

Alison is such a sweetie!

Alison said...

As I said...I'm just glad it arrived this time!
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh that is so sweet and special!! I love surprises in the mail! Looks like you'll be having some fun very soon!!