Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt # 15 - A Fire Truck or Police Car

I honestly thought that the picture I would show you here would be of a Police car!
They are everywhere and unless I wanted to hang around the local supermarket at lunchtime when the local fire truck rocked on up so the firemen could buy their lunch, then I was convinced it would be a Police car.

So imagine my surprise when we stopped at the motorway rest area to pee on our way home from Auckland, to have Ben run up to me to tell me they had spotted a fire truck in the petrol station across the car park!
(Just to clarify something here....we were driving in 2 cars, thus why they had seen something that I hadn't!)

I raced to my car, grabbed the camera and ran across the parking lot to snap a quick picture before they disappeared. The family stood back by our cars (100m away) trying to act like they didn't know this mad woman running around taking a quick picture of a fire truck in a petrol station!
I mean why miss an opportunity when it is right there in front of you.

However as I walked into the study tonight to write some blog posts, I passed the unit where the boys leave all their built Lego and low and behold there was a fire truck....

So I was safe all along, just didn't look under my nose!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL! What a great story you have told today along with your scavenger hunt snaps.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Lol love the lego fire truck, the boys so have the police truck version.