Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scavenger Hunt # 4 - An Airplane

1 of our most favouritist places in Auckland is the airport.
When we lived there we regularly visited the place to just watch the planes take off and land.
They have 2 awesome viewing areas just pass the airport and if the planes are landing the correct end it feels like they are coming in right in front of you, they are low and slow as they make the final 400m to the runway.

sadly these were taking off this end this day!
With 2 little boys it was so easy to while away 2 hours of easy cheap entertainment sitting and watching alsorts of planes arriving. (Actually I loved it as much as they did!)

So when I saw # 4 on the list I knew we had to make a quick, ok hour long, stop off at the airport on our way out of town heading home. Good job the airport is south and that was the way we were heading!
Only down side was that the planes were taking off over the viewing area this particular day and that can make for challenging pictures as they are going so fast and so high so quickly!

So even though I achieved the picture I required for the hunt, we had some fun shots too.....

 The perfect shot, although this was about picture number 12 and after countless planes taking off!

 Just to be on the safe side an extra shot

 As we were so far away and they were flying really really fast having just taken off, sometimes you missed!

 Totally missed!!

Or just not quick enough!

We all had super fun at the airport and it brought back some fun memories.
Really glad we got to stop and have some family fun.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Yea! I love to read posts like this - where the scavenger hunt brings back memories and encourages folks to create more.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh how the boys love airplanes. We live by the airforce base and we see planes all the time the boys love it!