Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tea Time in June

Oh my my, I totally forgot you were going to stop by, how lovely to see you again.
Please do come in, let me just put the kettle on or would you prefer a cold drink?

Winter has definitely settled in here, I do hope you had no trouble finding me here in the fog. Unfortunately it takes until nearly lunchtime some days for the sun to get warm enough to vanish the fog.
Due to the weather then I have been trying to get little projects sorted inside the house, much warmer in here. One thing I finally sorted was the green unit where the boys have been putting their completed Lego pieces.

It use to house all my family figurines but I finally moved them over by the window so the boys can have more space. Seeing as they are playing with the Lego lots at present then I don't want to keep standing on hurts the feet!

I'm sorry we don't have any cake or biscuits in at present, I will be visiting the supermarket later today and seeing as I maintained goal weight at Weight Watchers and achieved Life Time Membership this last week then maybe I might just treat us to something really sticky and nice, to celebrate you understand. We did have some birthday cake for Alex when he turned 8 a few weeks back but it didn't last.

I am busy at present trying to find pictures for Rinda's Scavenger Hunt and the whole family is enjoying looking for items. I even managed to keep the boys occupied the other day by letting them take the pictures, definitely stopped them whinging because I took the long way home.
Although it is a pity that Rinda didn't ask for us to find a picture of a baby as my cousin who I mentioned last month had her daughter at the beginning of June so we have been getting so cute little cuddles, all of us.

Alex snuggling his new cousin
Life is going to slow down a little now for the next few weeks now as I am having my surgery on Tuesday and so we are all preparing for mummy to be out of action for a few days and then resting lots after that. I am hoping to get my blogging all sorted and tidied whilst out of action from work, hopefully when we meet next month I will be all organised and have more time.

So I look forward to catching up with you next month, I may even have done some baking as I will have plenty of time on my hands.

Take care and thanks for stopping by from Abi's place


Maria Ontiveros said...

Good luck with your surgery. Thanks for inviting us into your home and for the nice chat. I'm also doing a lot of sorting these days.

Abi said...

Thank you for the cup of tea! I agree, lego hurts when standing on it! Hope the surgery goes well and you have a swift recovery.

Alison said...

Well done on achieving your goal at WW....and Good Luck with the surgery
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok I could have sworn I commented here:

who needs family picture's when you have lego's right? LOL

Congrats again sweets on the goal, you rock!!

Hope the surgery went well! HUGS