Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Clock

Many years ago I discovered that I didn't need to wear a wrist watch when the one I had broke, you see everywhere you turn there is a clock.
At work due to the nature of my work there is a clock in every room and usually one on a colleagues chest. We are nurses after all.

When out and about there are clocks everywhere, or at least there use to be, until some bright spark at the mall decided that if they took the clocks away then people would forget what time it was and get carried away with spending lots of money! Seems they forgot that everyone has a phone on the nowadays so time is something we can still attempt to control.

Have you ever tried to go the day without looking at your phone to see what the time is?
It is actually quite easy to do, it is amazing where you can find out the time without trying too hard.

However we still have clocks at home. There are 2 in the kitchen (on the wall and the microwave), 1 in the family room, 2 in the lounge (stereo and cable box). 1 in each bedroom and at least 2 in the study (computer and wall).
I seem to like to be able to turn and see the clock! Not sure why? Maybe it has to do with seeing how much time I have left to relax in, how much time until I can send the boys to their room for the evening!

We had a nice clock on the wall in the family room, we had had it for several years until I dropped it!
I replaced it with this one

One that use to be in the boys bedroom, but it kept stopping on me. We changed the battery but alas it would still stop or loose time! It was only an interim clock anyway but better than nothing until we remembered to buy a new one!
So we replaced it with this one

This picture is deceptive as this clock is actually the size of your average car tyre in diameter! Yes it is large but it is gorgeous and I so love the new clock my husband chose.
Only thing is.......the one from the boys bedroom is sitting in the study, battery is still in the thing and would you believe it hasn't stopped since coming down off the wall, still ticking away and doing fine!!
Sure it is doing it to make me feel guilty everytime I walk past it!


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your post on clocks. We have one in our bedroom, the kitchen and living room. I found a great clock outside recently. Will post it soon as a "My Photographer's Eye."

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love the new clock.