Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yesterday Alex managed to be very cute, not so cute and back to really cute, but hey that is the life of a typical 2 year old

He started off by being so cute sitting and reading to himself from his favourite book of the moment "Little Bear Lost"
You could hear him telling himself the story of how Little Bear was found in the picnic basket. So cute.
Unfortunately this didn't last too long....whilst cleaning for the open home, Alex decided to draw in pencil all over the wall (must be something in the water, as Ben did exactly the same thing at Daycare on Friday. That is another story and I will fill you in when I get the pictures!)

So we made him help us clean it off the wall.

Then later in the day, when he had woken from his afternoon nap, he snuggled up with daddy and ate a big plate of fruit. He just loves Kiwi fruit and grapes.

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breadmoretravels said...

Just like his Mum did 32 yrs before only she did it in biro ink on wallpaper, just as we had folks to view the house, but they bought it regardless of the art work on the stairway wall.