Tuesday, August 14, 2007


On Tuesday the photographer came to the house from the Real Estate Agent.
I had of course spent the last 2 days running around trying to make the place look nice. Now I didn't want the place to look perfect (impossible) but I at least wanted it to look nice and welcoming. Seeing as people would look at these pictures to decide if they wanted to attend the Open Home.

I got a little stressed as the man arrived, but then I lost it completely when Steve pointed out to me that I didn't want to go into the boys room?! In the 5 minutes before the man got there they had decided to play Hide & Seek in their room! Consequently mummy had a momentary breakdown, threw Alex out the door and just sobbed.
I recovered quite quickly, but I was still not a happy person, so I followed the photographer around the house making sure he got some good shots of our house.

On Friday they let us know that it was now listed on the website. It was really weird listening to someone else promote your house.

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