Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paul Potts

To anyone in England, I do realise that this is an old name to you, to everyone else around the world, this name is just beginning to mean something.
We found out about this guy here in NZ at the end of July, when they covered the promotion of his first album.
Suddenly on the tv screens you had Paul's first audition video being shown, the one where he walks on stage, in a wrinkled suit, very nervous and announced he would sing opera. The one where the judges just looked at each other as if to say 'oh great, 2 minutes of pain' and ended in tears, smiling at each other and nodding. The one where the judges tell him his days of selling mobile phones is numbered because he is about to become a megastar!

It gives me shivers just thinking about it. It was amazing, it can make me all choked up just watching it, and believe me I have watched it on the official website several times. On there you will find his semi final performance, his final performance and everything he has been doing since that magical week in June.

It is one of those feel good stories that everyone always wishes for, always hopes would happen to them and always makes them say 'they deserved it' when it happens to someone else.

Paul Potts, you deserved this. Well done.

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