Saturday, August 18, 2007

Toilet Training

Our biggest fight with Ben at present is getting toilet training sorted. We have only been going at this since January!
He is dry during the day with the exception of #2's. Try as we might we can not get him to use the toilet or to even register with us that he needs to go or has even been.

So imagine our delight this morning when he came running through the house saying he needed to go toilet.
And that is exactly what he did, sat on the toilet and did his business.

Of course there were huge cheers, lots of Hi 5's and the promise of a big reward from the toy shop.

We are not going to mention it to him again, maybe if we just get on with things he will go again tomorrow all by himself? I do hope so, as at the rate we are going Alex is going to be ready to be trained and we won't have finished with Ben!
Whilst the Open Home was on we took the boys to the aformentioned toy shop. Ben is into Dora and Thomas the Train. Seeing as there was nothing little in the Thomas range that he needed, he came away with a Dora jigsaw puzzle as his big reward for todays efforts.

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