Friday, August 17, 2007


When we got home from work today, Steve went and finished mowing the remaining little sections in the garden ready for the Open Home tomorrow.
He had a little helper in this project, one who seems to love the mower!

So there is Alex with his own little mower, assisting daddy to the best of his ability, just such a shame his mower doesn't actually cut anything! Would be so helpful if it did.
It was so funny watching him help daddy, as everytime Steve turned the mower off to empty the catcher bin, Alex would stop as well and turn the knob on his mower, at the same time as announcing to daddy 'I turn mower off too' then he would help empty the bin into the bag and then help put the catcher back on the mower.
He helped daddy do the whole lawn out the back.

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Klein, Charlie & Ivy's papa said...

I hope Alex doesn't read your blog only to find out his mower needs a new blade or something.

Our grass is next!!!

How soon can you make it to Rhode Island in the USA?