Saturday, August 25, 2007

Independent Alex

The following is a Teacher story sent to us from Alex's Daycare.

A Learning and Teaching Story for Alex Trotter
Teacher: Glenda
Date: 23 August 2007

Alex you really impress me with your perseverance and independence.
For several days now I have noticed that when you get out of bed in the afternoon you sit on the mat and try very hard to put on your own socks and shoes.
This is a very complex business and I have known you to sit for at least ten minutes trying to get it right. I showed you how the heel part of the sock has to go around the back and you have nearly mastered that.
Next the shoes have a tongue inside them that make it hard to push your foot down inside. Luckily once we get that bit right you can do the Velcro fastening yourself. Today you even had them on the correct feet

Well done Alex. I love the way you don’t sit around expecting an adult to do everything for you. Most other two year olds would just wander off bare footed.

Teachers Response:
Alex is patient and keen to be responsible for himself.
He is showing a desire to be independent and keeps trying without showing frustration.
Keep encouraging and praising Alex for his efforts in self care.

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