Monday, March 31, 2008


At the caravan this Easter it was obvious that moral was a little low between the people who had been there a while. We got told that usually everyone was chummy with everyone else and that there was usually activities put on for the kids etc.
So one of the regulars had decided a couple of weeks previous that we need something happening at Easter to bring everyone back together. So he organised a raft race.

He was only really able to talk to 2 other people about this so there were only 3 teams but I think it sort of worked.

The rules were very simple, 3 people per team, 1 named captain. Raft must be inflatable rings held together with string but no permanent structures, oh and you needed some oars.

Rules: The raft is positioned out in the water with 2 team members, captain stands on the shore and when told must run into the water to their raft and off you go once round the marked course.

Nobody put up a sign or anything but word of mouth is pretty good as when someone let the air horn off at 9.45am on Easter Sunday to let the teams know they had to get ready in the water suddenly the people emptied the camp to come and watch. It was like they had all been possessed and all just filtered to the water. It was quite a sight.

Anyway the raft race was fun and even though it threatened to rain I think it went well. There was a cup at the end and champagne. They are hoping to do it again next year and make it an annual Easter thing.

So Grandad and Iain, get your planning caps on because Steve has told them that we will have a team for next year. So you are staying at Athenree next Easter because as new comers we need to kick their buts!

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