Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't Live Without

I can't live freezer.
I have got in the habit of cooking chilli and spag bog in bulk and then freezing, thus giving us a simple easy to serve meal for some of those nights when you need it easy.
All we have to do is take out of the freezer when going to work and when we come home, it is defrosted. Then we cook rice or pasta to go with it.
Easy and within 20mins dinner is ready.

My freezer also gives me the ability to buy in bulk when I see a great deal.
Chicken is the main deal I love.
Currently it is selling at about $18.99 / kg, I remember fondly when it was always $9.99/kg.
So the other day I happened to come across some chicken on special at the supermarket.

I worked out that it was just under $9.99/kg, so I grabbed 4 lots.

Each packet will do 2 meals in our house, so for the grand total of $40 I have meat for 8 meals.
Thank heavens for my wonderful freezer to store it all in.

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Kimara said...

I really don't like my freezer because you have to think ahead on your meal plan and I am a bit of a last minute girl! I need to cook the meals before then just reheat from freezer!