Wednesday, May 04, 2011

More Teeth

My little caring soul of a big boy has finally had more teeth fall out over Easter.
You may remember in August last year that he had his first tooth fall out and he was not ready to surrender it to the Tooth Fairy. Well that tooth never made it to the fairy until October, when another tooth fell out and then he was happy to give them both over for the grand sum of $4.

Finally 6 months later he has had another 2 fall out......

When the first fell, he happily told us that the fairy would bring him $2 for it, however because he had a very wobbly 2nd tooth he decided to wait until that fell out before giving his teeth away. He did not have to wait very long, like 3 days. He even once again informed us that he would be getting $4 from the tooth fairy.
Well he will be getting $4 when he decides to give over his teeth, once again!
For now they are sitting in his little pot that Grandma gave him, on his bedside table waiting until he is either ready to give them over or when he remembers, because it has now been a week and I secretly think he has forgotten!

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