Monday, May 09, 2011

Hit for 6

I am sick.
Now don't panic, nothing terminal just your typical winter stuff that goes around when you least want it.

But I wouldn't mind, I gladly accept my share of it, if it actually eventuated to something.
The sore throat started last Wednesday, the general feeling like crap and no energy started late Friday and now the doctor has put me off work for 2 days, seems the tightness in my chest and the lack of energy are not condusive to work. Funny I could have told you that without paying any money.
If the cold was going to come out...then I wish it would, at least I know it will pass. But the light head and the tightness are driving me nuts!

I feel ok, but then after trying to do something for too long I realise that all I want to do is sit down and rest, must admit the doc got that part right.
He said that I probably feel good when I am at home because I get to sit when I want, eat what I want when I want and rest if I feel like it, whereas at work (in my dept especially) it is busy and continuous and there is no stopping. I can't ask the patients to not 'get sick' on me whilst in our dept, unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

However, I have noticed today that I have 'dropsie' yes you read that right, in general terms it means I keep dropping everything, my reactions are not quite up to par.
In the OR we often talk about dropsie, the day you are for ever dropping the instruments!
So that is me today. I dropped the car key whilst at the doctors, I dropped my handbag whilst in the supermarket carpark, I dropped pegs whilst hanging out the few pieces of laundry that had been in the tub for 2 days! Sure it hasn't ended yet.

And to add to it all, the sun suddenly disappeared and down came some rain, so the washing just stayed on the line because I didn't have the energy to rush and grab it all in.

Don't you just love being sick?


Deb said...

Poor you. And nurses make the worst patients (after men that is!!). Get well soon.

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

There's a medical term for dropping things? ;-) I suffer from dropsie every day in that case. Need to get one of those grabber things so I can pick things up without bending down. Not that I'll be able to bend down soon anyway probably...