Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I have managed to achieve 3 more of my 100 challenges over the last few weeks, which when you put it that way is not very many at all.

The first I achieved was challenge #31 - walk on the beach in the dark and take your shoes off and paddle in the water.
Whilst at the caravan for Easter I dragged the whole family down to the beach one evening at 7.30pm. They all thought I was crazy but they had fun. The boys were a little aprehensive when we first got there as we made them turn out their torches. But this allowed them to look around and see the lights from the boats out at sea. After a while they were happy without their torch. Although they were not too sure about the water, so we sadly did not take our shoes off and have a paddle, but I am accepting that I have achieved this challenge as the boys actually enjoyed this mission and even learnt things from it. They thought it was weird that everything was louder at that time of night when there was no other nioses around. they enjoyed walking on the beach and finding things. They enjoyed being able to see the stars in the clear night sky.

I also managed to achieve challenge #88 - have a family meal by candlelight.
The boys wondered what I was doing when I started setting the table with tablecloth and candles.
However when it came to dinnertime, they were the ones who wanted to turn off every light in the house!

The 3rd challenge I have managed to achieve is #59 - read a magazine that you normally wouldn't read.
This one has been hard to achieve. Not that I read loads of magazines just that I couldn't come across anything that didn't interest me that I wouldn't be happy to casually peruse through at any time. Now I probably could have managed this with any magazing really because I do not have a regular one that I would normally read, so anything classes as "not normally read".
So I ended up reading 'The New Zealand Classic Car Magazine'. Although secretly coming from a family where my dad and brother were into motorsport, this is as the challenge says not one I normally read, but I had no problem reading it as motorsport is something I have grown up with and actually enjoy, so an easy read for me, but not my normal read!

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