Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another Birthday and Family Fun

Take one crazy family ......... hum, think that would have to be my one!
Take another birthday, which we seem to have lots of in this family.
Mix it all together with ...........a duck race!

Yes you read right...a duck race.
And what follows is a mad series of pictures depicting our fun filled afternoon in the sun throwing plastic ducks down a small stream leading into a lake!

The birthday cake

decoration of the ducks was desired

some people have wonderful ideas, but will it help them win the race....?

Some ducks were spoilt with flowers

others were prepared for a long ride with supplies

luckily none of them sank!

however some did manage to find the bushes

so out went the cavalry

No duck got left to float away on the lake!

And at the end we all celebrated with gorgeous cake
It was a wonderful family fun filled afternoon, with lots of laughs and crazyness. Apparently there is talk of an annual event, so watch this space for next years adventures.

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