Monday, May 02, 2011


I have several posts written and waiting to be opened up to the big world over the next few days, but I just had to write this little bit.

I am a very stubborn independant person, have been for many years. If I want something, then I do not just sit around and wait for it to happen, I get on and do it myself. Fraid I have been very independant for many years too. I am not really sure how Steve ever puts up with me?
Ok, so he is a very stubborn person as well and so I am not at all surprised that at least one of our kids has turned out stubborn too.

Ben is very laid back, goes with the flow and nothing fazes him. Yes he gets all panicky when there is change involved but he seems to skim by and manages to miss the bad stuff.
Alex on the other hand, well he is as stubborn as they come, in fact even worse!

When he finds out what is for dinner, if he decides it is something that he doesn't want / like / fancy then you have no chance whatsoever of getting him to eat it.
He will actually sit there, at the table, and watch everyone else eating dinner. He will sit there with tears in his eyes telling you he didn't want this because he didn't like it / want it / fancy it.
And the thing about it is even though we tell him there is nothing else to eat, no snacks, no cereal before bedtime, nothing at all. He will still sit there and not eat one little thing, nada, nought, zero, zilch.
He will then leave the table when we all leave the table and he will carry on with his evening and then go to bed, without having eating.

And that is it, he stands his ground and doesn't budge. He will just sit there staring at you with a tight lip determined not to eat one little thing!
If he manages this at 6 who knows what he will be like when he gets bigger!

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kimara said...

lol! Kids! once day it will be come in handy for him to be that stubborn! He won't do things that other kids have to do to fit in! Although it is frustrating for you I give a little cheer for Alex!