Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Computer

I love our computer...well most of the time!
Sadly it has been unwell recently but is now home, it is taking a rest, as usually advised on returning home from being sick and it will be a few more days before it is up and running again and keeping up with our daily family life.
However, I am not computer savvy, well no I lie, I am computer savvy.
I know how to find the computer, how to switch it on and how to log in.
I know where to find most programmes to be able to control my life with technologies and I know where and how to use the internet. I am savvy enough in Power Point, Excel, Word, Outlook and any programme we have loaded.
I am not so flash hot at downloading things and finding them again later but I am getting better at that.
Unfortunately what I am not savvy at is actually understanding the workings of the machine!

I know that they changed the RAM whilst at the hospital and I also know they reloaded windows, which means I also realise that they did nothing to the hard drive and all our items on, documents, emails etc are still all intact and available to us
However what I didn't understand is that by reloading windows means that they have placed our whole hard drive in a folder and wiped all other programmes.
So currently I can't use Outlook for my emails as Outlook is not loaded on the machine.
I can't open my PTA minutes to check them as we have no Word.


  • I realise what a whole heap of work Steve has to do with the computer this weekend
  • I am realising just what programmes we had loaded on our computer that we had brought on-line.
  • I am realising just how much this is going to cost us above and beyond the hospital fee for them looking after our dear buddy for 10 days!
  • I am realising that maybe we should have kept the discs from Office 2003 that we finally got rid of last year when 2007 was installed via the internet.
  • I am now realising all the games etc that have kept us all entertained on cold wet days that we downloaded.
  • I am realising that we really do need to make sure that all and I mean all computer discs for the computer really do need to be stored in 1 set place!
Luckily for us we have a lap top, so all is not lost, we can check emails online but there are ones we need to save for reference to later so my inbox is filling up nicely online.
I am able to blog from my laptop but alas no personal pictures that I have on the main computer, no fun little pictures I have gathered over the years that make things look pretty but I know they are not lost, they are all resting on the hard drive.

The only good thing throughout all of this, is that we have a 1TB external hard drive that we back up to regularly and store far far away from the computer, so if all had hit the fan as they say when the computer was sick, we would have been very lucky in that apart from a few months of pictures we would have 90% of everything that was on our hard drive. There is a god sometimes.

So if anything from this, my biggest word of advice to you all you have an external hard drive that you back up to 3-4 times a year or even monthly if you are a big user of the computer? Believe me if something goes wrong you may just be very grateful for it.

So leave the keyboard and mouse alone, go get in the car, drive to the nearest techo store and purchase yourself one and then back up your hard drive, when everything fails you will be glad you did!


Jeremy Bates said...

This is a really cute post. Nowadays, the modern family cannot survive (the kids schoolwork and homework) without a computer. This post reminded me about that fact of modern living. It seems your family 'pet' is your computer.
I think that way too, sometimes.

Alison said...

I back up my photographs, but nothing else:(...really must start to do something about that!
Alison xx