Saturday, May 12, 2012

Games Online

Do you have a favorite website where you go to play games online?
Do you pay for it or is it free?

I have always used MSN games. Don't ask why, just seems to be one of those sites I came across early on, enjoyed what I played on there, liked the variety and have continued, when I remember, to use it.
It is a free site, with about 85% of the games being able to be played to a certain level online immediately. You then also have the option of downloading a free trial. this lasts for about 6-12 hours and from what I can remember the last time we did this, many years ago, you can only ever download a trial once per game.
You do also have the option to buy the game. Most games cost $19.95 but if you commit to buying 2 games in 2 months or 4 games in 4 months then the price per game starts to drop.
We have purchased a few of the games over the years, about 4 I think, and we have had enormous fun from having them immediately to hand on the computer. The boys have loved playing them and they are ones that it is easy to loose the time of day with.

The boys like the website Friv, which has some weird and wonderful little games. I don't know about what services are available on this site or whether it is just purely an online site for games.

My mother plays on a site from England I think and she pays a small fee for the year. Really must remember to get the address from her again one time, although once she reads this post it will probably be in the comments!

So where do you play, what great sites do you know about that you would be willing to share with us all?
And I mean sites specific to games, not those on Facebook that need friends to be able to play!


Laurie said...

Okay yes! here I am the site is I think would I know it is set up and I don't have to sign in each time ...cost is about $50 a year which works out to those who can not count about a $1 a week... no adverts no interuptions ..very few emails from them and no spam via it..... have coverted many folks to it ... you can also try for free I believe.

Laurie said...

Sorry that is CONVERTED not coverted ... Mum xx

Alison said...

Playing games online just isn't something I do, but I know lots of people who are 'hooked' on Facebook games1
Alison xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I don't play games on my computer, but I do have a couple of apps on my phone that I love to play - DrawSomething is one I'm addicted to right now. :o)

Shame about your computer! I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering if you'd received your Mail Art. I did mail it on the 7th, but not sure how long it takes for mail to travel from Arizona USA to New Zealand.

Have an awesome day!!!

Barbara said...

I used to be so hooked on Facebook games, that when I finally realised it's a problem, I went ahead and blocked everything.... It was neverending story with those games. I tend to keep away from games, so that I won't be hooked again ;)

BUT - on my phone, from the Android Market I have a few games, I love Hangman in different languages the most!