Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look What I Got?

When Steve came into this relationship, he came with several good assets!
Of the electrical type (dirty minded readers!).
A nice size television, a good little stereo, a huge fridge and a brand new washing machine.

The tv was a box type one and his lasted until about 2006 when a power surge went through it and we got a replacement on insurance. We eventually changed it for a flat screen last year.
The stereo is still going strong, although we don't blast it to pieces often so should do us for several more years.
The fridge was nice, but way too big and in 2002 when we moved into our first home together it didn't fit so we got a new one, however the one we replaced it with is still in use and going well.
The washing machine was a huge top loader that he had had for about 12 months when we got together in 1999.
It has seen us through the worst part of 2 babies, and young boys. It is still going and the only problem with it is it doesn't have the greatest time keeping. You can set it for a 40 min wash and it will take about 45 mins!

However at the beginning of this year I did warn him that if there was anything that would probably need replacing during this year then it would be that.
We buy all our electrical goods through Harvey Norman because they have a great money card. They are always offering 36 to 50 months interest free as special offers. So we don't shop there at any other time!
In fact we must be their worst customer because we always use the interest free part but always have it paid when it ends.
They always ask for 3% per month to be paid back, which I happily do, however I also work out what we have to pay each month to pay the balance off in the set amount of months. If it turns out to be more than they are asking for then we will pay the higher amount. Then when the 50 months is up we have paid for the goods and don't get hit with something like 26% interest!!

So this weekend they had their usually special on, spend over $1100 and get 50 months interest free.
So we did....

and I got this cardboard box!

Oh hang on this was inside....

My new washing machine

fits in right at home
I haven't had a front loader machine since I moved to New Zealand 14 yrs ago.
The man in the store was trying his hardest to convince me about them and I had to put him out of his misery eventually and tell him I grew up with them and that there was nothing I didn't already know about them!
Just to clarify, we didn't spend $1100 on this alone, we did but something else as well.

So now I have had to go out and buy new washing powder as my powder was for a top loader and would flood the garage with suds in 2 seconds if I used that. In fact, anyone know of someone looking for 3 2kg boxes of powder, my store cupboard was well stocked so now I have got some going cheap!!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm a little jealous. I've been dying to get a new set. That is a great deal to do it that way. Way to go girlie!