Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally Complained

I am not a coffee drinker! Just can't stand the smell or taste. It has its advantages meaning that I am never desperately in need of a coffee fix etc.
Therefore when at a cafe with friends I will go for a hot chocolate.
However I feel that we get a really bum deal as the cafes never seem to understand that we do like a drink with flavour not just a glass or cup of hot milk.

The presentation is always beautiful, nice chocolate colour to the milk, gorgeous white froth sitting on the top with a scattering of chocolate sprinkled over and finally 2 big fat juicy marshmallows on the side.

Give it a stir, mix it all together, get that breath taking first sip of milky froth with the sprinkle of chocolate and it tastes divine, take your 2nd mouthful of the complete drink and then realise that you are drinking hot milk that looks like it has been shown the chocolate!

I have always wanted to complain, take it back usually with the simple comment of "Could I have some chocolate in this please?"

Finally today I stood my ground and I did just that.......and it felt great.
They apologized and said they would make me a new drink, I was expecting them to add a little more powder and give it back to me, but a new one arrived. Now it wasn't fabulous but it was definitely better than before. The colour of the milk was a lovely dark colour and the froth was still so creamy but at least it tasted like chocolate and not hot milk.

So if you are fussy like I am, then get strong and bold and take it back, get what you asked for.
Unfortunately it will be a long battle as most of the staff in the cafes drink coffee and so therefore never actually taste their hot chocolates to see where they could improve they just continue to chuck out hot milk with colouring at their customers!


Laurie said...

I have taken it back many times ...may be age gives you that confidence ... I always say a HOT chocolate please and if it is luke warm I take it back and say the "Operative word in ording a HOT CHOCOLATE is HOT !!!" they are always good and do a new one or warm it in the Microwave ... I don't mind which.....just as long as it is HOT

Barbara said...

I'm exactly the same as you, I don't drink coffee (only for extreme headaches to do low blood pressure, but still hate the taste)
I absolutely luuurve hot chocolate! and you're right.
I've been to places where I've tasted the best chocolate evAH - usually at mountain tops.

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Alison said...

Good for you...I hate lukewarm 'hot' drinks!
Alison xx

Kent and Leisy said...

I agree with you!! and I am not a coffee drinker either- so hot chocolate is my go to hot drink, too :)