Thursday, May 17, 2012

Too Much

Have we all done too much?
Have we all blown the budget? On time that is not money!

Several of the blogs that I follow, who all also took part in the A to Z Challenge during April, seem to be on mind overload at present and are not blogging!

And yes we have had a busted computer and I mean real busted. I just lost all my contact details for my life. Everything else was backed up, pictures, clip art, meeting minutes etc but not the emails and contacts! Also lost all Microsoft Office programmes so have had to repurchase and reload.
So I have not had the ability to download the camera let alone add a picture to a blog, but I just don't seem to be able to get into the mood to write a post or even add the picture now that I have the ability to use.
However I have lots to blog about, Alex playing soccer, our trip to Auckland a few weeks ago, my recent mail Art package that arrived and also my first ever giveaway.

So with so much to blog about I am hoping that by maybe writing this post about so many of us being away with a mental mind block then maybe I will feel like I have broken the tie and will now get back into blogging, although I do have an essay due next week for my degree and I have a little bit of rewriting to achieve before next Wednesday.
However once this essay is handed in I will only have 1 paper, yes that reads 1 paper left to complete and I will be an official degree holder and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be at the graduate ceremony next Feb 15 with bells on.

So please, who ever is listening to my little pray, please put my blogging mind back together, please let me have the inspiration to get back into writing something on this computer, I would really appreciate it as I have deadlines to achieve and a mental mind block really doesn't help those at all!


Alison said...

A little rest from blogging won't do you any harm Kathryn...maybe once your essay is in, you will have a clearer mind!
Alison xx

Barbara said...

Blocks never last that long :) I only returned to myself again DURING the challenge :) before that I was kind of hibernating for Winter.

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