Friday, May 04, 2012

Weight Lose

Just quietly I am in the middle of a weight lose programme.
I am not using my blog to post everyday about my current lose, although there is a table on the right hand side showing my current lose each week and the grand total.
I am taking it slow and steady and even though it is a big deal it is not the centre of my life. I am not making it a huge deal for others.
In other words, if I want chocolate cake with marshmallow sauce then I will have it and enjoy it and not regret having had it!
This does however mean that my lose is slow, no I am not loosing a kilo a week like others, sometimes I am loosing just 100g, but it is slow and steady and I am keeping it off.
I have had some really bad weeks but they are being measured with some even better great weeks.
I have had only 2 weeks where I have gained instead of loosing but those weeks have not been too bad.

So what am I doing I hear you ask, well I am attending Weight Watchers each week, I am thinking about points on items but that is not stopping me from eating anything.
I am watching my portion sizes, so I am eating exactly the same as the family just being sensible about how much I have.
Having said that I am eating slowly, listening to my body when it gives me clues as to being full and having had enough.
I have stopped eating in the evening. I found that I was very good at snacking at about 8pm and sometimes I would even grab a biscuit on the way to bed!
I am drinking more fluid, now I am not going to sit here and proclaim you must drink more water, yes water is good for you but you can also ensure you have fluid, whether that be tea, coffee or diet soft drink. If you don't feel like eating when you first get up in the morning at least have a large drink of fluid. I am not a person who can eat as soon as I wake up, my body may be awake but my stomach is not! So I always eat breakfast sat at my desk when I first arrive at work, because of this then I always ensure I have had a drink before leaving home, just seems to work for me.

So my goal is getting closer, slowly, my first goal will be to achieve a 5% weight lose. I am currently 400g off of this goal, so hopefully next week I will achieve it, but it takes work and so this next week will be a determined effort to get there.


Miriam said...

Good on you! Slow and steady is the way.

Laurie said...

Going good ...wish I had the will power as well ...know how but weak willed....x

Alison said...

Well done Kathryn! I go to WW too, and find that it's a way of life now..and it's the fact that I can eat anything I want, as long as I count it, that makes it work for me.
Alison xx

Elizabeth said...

Stay with it. Slow is good, you don't just want to lose weight you want to keep it off. The way you're losing weight seems very smart. I wish you all the best.

Kent and Leisy said...

I just started ww as well! I've got to get this baby weight off :) good luck! you'll have to post any great recipes you find!