Saturday, February 14, 2009


NO not my wedding anniversary, that is in September.
Today is actually the anniversary of when I arrived in New Zealand.
I arrived here 11 years ago today, all on my little own at 11am on a glorious sunny February morning.

I arrived on a Singapore Air flight #285. I remember that I had woken up at about 5am (NZ time) as we flew over Australia.
I was an organised girl at the time and had taken some clean clothes in my carry on luggage, so was able to freshen up before landing.
At 11am we touched down in Auckland, New Zealand to a beautiful day and the start of a wonderful new adventure for me.
I had come all this way on my own, on a no going back one way ticket, which had cost me 432 British Pounds.
I had never been to New Zealand before and all I knew was that I had an Aunty and Uncle here who had been here for just under 30 years, with 2 of my cousins.

Why NZ I can hear you all asking???

Well I had travelled lots up till then in 1998 and knew I was never going to stay in England for ever. I wanted to live in the Ohio, in the States, but was having big difficulty in getting my NCLEX exam (Nursing Exam). I took it twice and never quite managed to pass! Maybe it wasn't meant to be??

Someone I worked with at the time ask if I had thought of New Zealand, seeing as you didn't need to take an exam to work here? I never had and she must have got me on a magic day because within 24 hours of talking to her I had emailed, faxed and posted correspondences to all the relevant places to set the ball rolling.

That was in the September of 97 and just under 5 months later I arrived.

So 11 years later I can look back and be amazed at all I have achieved in the time.

I am now married with 2 charming little boys and a beautiful husband.
Add to this the fact that my Mum and Dad live here now and so does my brother and his family.
My dad's brother was the uncle who already lived here and then their sister and family moved here as well.
So 11 years later all of one side of my family lives in New Zealand.

WOW how live changes.

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