Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes I have a small dilemma on my hands, well not exactly this moment but as of next Friday I will have.......

Ben came home from school a little while ago and asked if he could play cricket?
Seeing as the only extra thing he does was swimming, then we thought why not.
Do him good to actually do something that is school based and nice that he is showing interest in something other than swimming, although he does still love swimming.
So I completed the form, and even put Steve down as a parent helper and sent it back to school.

All good so far, we know his games are on a Friday evening somewhere around Hamilton at one of the schools to be annouced on a Wednesday.
Today, well last night at 3am, I realised that I am not sure how we are actually going to make this work??

I work on a Friday, so Ben goes to After School Care and Alex to Daycare.
Cricket starts at 5.15pm onwards, so we are going to have to collect Alex and Ben from respective cares and then collect Steve from work and go to the cricket field, where ever that may be.
2 problems immediately spring to mind??

  1. How do we do dinner
  2. We only have one car

So this is the dilemma.......
Because I am working I therefore have to organise some dinner for Ben and Steve, but it has to be something that can be sorted that morning and taken with us, and I then have to bear in mind that wherever the game is, there will probably be no kitchen facilties, so it has to be something simple! Steve said he would be fine until they got home at about 7.45pm, but when I questioned him further about what he would have eaten since lunch, he said lunch would have been his last meal and that he would be ok until he got home! I don't think so. I am not having him go nearly 8 hours having not eaten anything and also running after 8 5 yr olds! Talk about major hypo alert!
I could organise sandwiches for them, but that seems a very poor meal every Friday night (especially as that is what they would have had for lunch, you can only survive so long on chocoalte spread sandwiches!).
The other small problem is the one car thing, they would either have to drop Alex and I at home before they go or we go with them, which I have no problem doing because it would be fun to watch Ben play have a go but then I have to sort dinner for 4 on a Friday morning at 7am!

So does anyone have any ideas as to the sorts of things I could try for dinner?
Anything I could possibly leave at home in the fridge ready to go and that I just have to throw in the bag on the way out?
If Alex and I stay home, then dinner is not too bad as I can make something and they can get by on a sandwich or two until they come home.
But it is just all that running about at 5.30 /6pm when my family are beginning to loose it because it is the end of the day and dinner time that is going to take a little of getting use too.

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Kent and Leisy said...

sounds crazy!! I've tried thinking of some ideas or solutions but have come up with nothing!! sandwiches may be your best option. growing up we never had organized dinners on friday nights so I survived on cereal and sandwiches!!!