Friday, February 20, 2009

New Family Member

Extended family that is....
At the weekend we had the wonderful pleasure of catching up with some of Steve's family for a Christening.

His brother's oldest son's daughter got christened.
In other words, his nephew's daughter!
Or to be more precise, our great niece.
OMG, I have a great niece and I am so young!
But she is so cute, so I can't really complain.

Her name is Kayla and she was born last October. She lives in Nelson, South Island, so we won't see her very much (about 10 hours to drive, with a 4 hr ferry crosing thrown in the middle!) so it was awesome to attend the Christening that was held up this way because her grandparents live up this way.

The boys just loved her, Alex especially, he loves babies. I think he would have made an awesome big brother if he had ever been given the oppotunity.

So here are some pictures of the gorgeous family.

Alex and Kayla getting to know one another

Mummy, can we keep her?

Alex and Kayla, friends forever

Olga, Gareth and Kayla (aka, parents)

Ken (Steve's brother), Olga, Gareth, Gail (Ken's wife)

Olga's Mum, Ken, Olga, Gareth, Gail & Olga's Dad, oh yea and little Kayla in the middle

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