Sunday, February 01, 2009

She Died

I do not know this little girl, I don't even know her parents but that is blogging for you.
One of the blogs I follow, in fact several of them, all had a post last Thursday about this charming little girl called Tuesday, who sadly had cancer.

She has been fighting it for most of her 2 years of life, I went on over there on Thursday to see what they were all talking about.
Turns out the cancer was now not responding to the chemo and had doubled in size!
So they were now taking her home to be with her family, she had several brothers and sisters.

So I was very shocked to read on one of the blogs that sadly she died on Friday!
So quick, she couldn't have been home more than 24 hours.

My thoughts are with the family.
I may not know them but no one wants to think about loosing one of their children

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