Monday, February 23, 2009

Do You Have a Goal?

One of my all time favorite movies is 'Pretty Woman' with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.
I am not sure what it is about this movie but when it was in the cinemas I saw it 9 times, yes that is right 9 times!

One of my favorite lines in it, for some strange reason, is 'Do you have a goal?'

I have now started my new job, I have 2 weeks of education to complete and that is a little boring, but hey it is what you have to do sometimes.
Unfortunately the most boring day has been today! I had to sit through the District health Boards Orientation Day for new staff. My latest Danielle Steele got well read!

Anyway, one of the speakers was a man talking about disability and ways to help.
What struck me about him was him talking about how he always discusses with his clients and patients about the importance of them having goals.
Now I know everyone has goals and I think I had just plain forgot that disabled people will also have goals, more than just gaining use of their limb, being able to write or even read again etc.
What amazed me about this man, in his wheelchair, was his goal was to do the New York Marathon in under 3 hours!
His first attempt took him just over 6 hours and his 4th attempt took him just over 3 hours!

It definitely put my life into perspective, here I am with one of my only goals at present is to get everyone out of the house on time each morning!
I know they say to start small, but I think I need to reassess my goals and aim for something a little bigger...!

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