Thursday, February 19, 2009

Growing Your Own

We are still majorly in the throws of redoing the garden, well more the point, actually doing something with the garden. It hasn't been landscaped and we have been in the house for nearly a year. Not that we planned on landscaping in that time, we actually wanted to live here a while and get the feel of the place to see what we wanted to do with it and when.
Anyway, Steve decided we would at least attempt to grow something.
So he planted tomatoes and pumpkin.

Well it is a little late, because this actually happened a while ago, but here is the picture of the first tomato that turned red for us...

We eventually got a lot of them off the plant, we ate loads of them at the BBQ we held on Feb 14 for our family and friends. They went down real nice.

So maybe we are able to grow something, more tomatoes next year I guess!

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