Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Almost four years ago we had to sadly put our cat down. He had got very old and became very sick. His name was Ferris and he was at least 18 yrs old.
I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time with baby #2 and we decided that we didn't want another cat then and there, especially with the baby about to arrive.
We thought about it and decided that maybe we would look at getting one when the boys were big enough to enjoy having a cat. I don't actually think that Ben has ever realised that there was a cat in his house for his first 20 months of life!

During last year we had a cat adopt us!
Walked right in one Saturday afternoon and never left. After a while we got him checked out and sorted out. And then sadly about 8 weeks after he adopted us he dissappeared. The boys know that Tigger (what we called him because he bounced a lot) went away but they were never really sad about it. Tigger just wasn't here when we came back from a night away one time.

We again discussed about getting a cat because Alex was totally taken with it. He cared for it, snuggled it and generally was all soppy about the cat. It was so cute, but again we decided that time was not the right time to get one.

So last weekend we had the subject come up again and we decided that maybe now was a good time to look at getting another cat. After the discussion I had managed to swing it so we looked at getting 2 cats, they can keep each other company!
We checked out the local SPCA and found out they had visiting times during the day.
Today I went and checked them out, see if they have any kittens that might suit us?
They didn't have many, one ginger and white, one tabby and one tortoise colour one.
Unfortunately this is then where the fun began.

We don't actually want to get a cat before Thursday, because I then have 5 days with no work and that will allow someone to be here most of the time whilst they get settled in. So I was checking out if they had anything that I could look at getting on Thursday?

The one I really liked and she seemed to like me is being desexed on Thursday, so is not available for adoption until 1pm on Friday, but they do not do holds! So if you want the cat you have to be there at 1pm to get it. The other cat in the same pen as her was not one that immediately jumped at me as one I wanted, although thinking about it for all of the afternoon I think she might be a good cat to have as well. So we will see on Friday when I go.
There was also the ginger one in the other pen. I enquired about when he/she (not sure) was available and the answer I got was....

'it hasn't been desexed yet!'
So I asked when it was getting done?
'Not sure as the vet is very busy! but could possible be on Friday?'
So that means it would be available on Saturday at 1pm?

Now this conversation went round in circles several times whilst I was stood there and at the end of it I really got the impression that they were in no hurry what so ever to get these darling little kittens adopted out!
Yet 10 minutes before when I had been looking at the cats, the lady had told me that they always have lots of new cats coming in and that they even have a waiting list for cats to go in the currently full pens!

So now I am very confused and not sure if there will be any cats there at 1pm on Friday when I go there?
You are not able to pay any money to hold the cat for you. I would have quite happily paid for the tabby one so it was ours on Friday but no, not allowed.
The lady even went so far as to say 'if it is meant to be, it will be!'

I walked away thinking that with her help they would never be with anyone because she doesn't seem to want them to be with anyone! With how unhelpful she was I am surprised they ever have any new cats in because I think everyone walks away more confused than when they first arrived!

Anyway, I will be there at 12.50 on Friday to see if I can get the tabby one. As for the 2nd cat, well we will see when I am there, we may even have to go back at 1pm on Saturday to secure the other one. If not I will check it out next week sometime.

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Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a very confusing situation. I do hope that when you arrive on Friday your tabby will be waiting for you.