Friday, February 20, 2009

Proud of Him

I have often wondered what Ben would do if I wasn't at school at 2.55pm to meet him?
Now there are days when he has 'after school care' and he knows exactly what to do on those days.
So only twice a week do I actually get to go and collect him when he has finished.

Today was one of those days to collect him.
It has been raining here all day, traffic was horrendous and I got caught up and arrived at school at about 3.02pm. For some strange reason this school empties very quickly and there is hardly anyone around within 5 minutes of the bell going!
As I walked into the school, I was wondering to myself where I might actually find him.....

a) Could he have thought I wasn't there because he had after school care?
b) Had he stayed at his classroom, waiting for me?
c) Was he wandering around in the rain in the playground looking for me?

I decided to go straight to the classroom seeing as this is where I was meant to meet him.

And that is exactly where he was!
I was very proud of him and I sure let him know it.
I gave him a big hug and kiss. Told him exactly how proud I was of him and why.
He was very happy with himself.
I was amazed actually because Friday is usually an 'after school care' day, but he had remembered me saying there was no 'after school care' today because I was going to be finished at work early enough to collect him.

As we came out of his classroom, I explained to him why I was carrying my shoes, I had very wet feet from walking in all the puddles and rain. So he took off his sandels as well and we puddle jumped our way out of the playground, laughing all the way.

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Kent and Leisy said...

kent and I love to go puddle jumping :) I think it's great that you did it with your little guy!