Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Advent Swap

I am so looking forward to the Advent Swap that I am part of.
I love opening presents and so the joy of getting to open one daily is going to be fun.

However I live in New Zealand and they can be a little bio security safe, due to us being an island and them not wanting any unwanted anything in this country.
So I have just received a nice little call to say that my parcel, that is winging its way from Italy, has arrived safely in the country.
How nice of them to call and let me know, although sadly that is not why they called.......they called to let me know that they decided to open the parcel for security reasons and for doing this if I would like the parcel delivered then I have to pay the biosecurity fee!

So I am not actually sure now what state the parcel will be in when it arrives after I have paid the fee on my credit card to the Bio Security people in Auckalnd. They may have sadly opened each individual item or just opened the box and x-rayed each individual item.
I will keep you posted as to the state of the parcel when it arrives, hopefully on Friday or early next week!


Needled Mom said...

Oh no!!!! What a disaster. Keep us updated.

Jo in TAS said...

Oh that's so disappointing, I hope they wrap them all up and that nothing had to be removed!