Friday, November 06, 2009

Good At....?

What is Alex good at?
Lots of things actually, but for this post it refers to the fact he is good at you can see from all the pictures below of him, it is what he does best in the car.

Wish I could have said the same last night about him.
He woke at 3.30am and came into me because his insect bites on his legs were bothering him. He has about 6 sandfly bites.

We do get mossies here in NZ but they do not seem to bother as much as the sandflies do!
The sandfly is native to New Zealand, it is black and is about 2-3mm in size. It lives around water and breeds in running water. Although you do get them in the grass in the back garden and this is where Alex got his from, playing in the yard at Daycare.

Unfortunately Alex reacts slightly to them and ends up with nice red plum size lumps where the bites are! Found this website who talk about reactions to sandflies,very interesting site.
So you can imagine, he was crawling around the bed this morning.

First I put some soothing bite cream on but this did not do much, then I fetched an ice pack to cool the bites down and hopefully stop the itching. This did work but from the size of them I decided to be a terrible mother at 4am and dose him with Phenergan. (Antihistamine drug)
So he then appeared downstairs with me and asked if he could watch tv?!

I tried so hard to explain it was the middle of the night, but realised that he was awake and he wasn't going back to sleep. So I fetched us both a drink, and snuggled with him on the couch with pillows and blankets and put on a soft soothing dvd hoping he would fall asleep whilst watching it. Hopefully with the effect of the drug!

But sadly NO, I started to fall a sleep several times and each time he jumped and screamed and woke me up again as he got excited watching the dvd.
Finally when the dvd finished at about 5.30am I told him we were going back to bed.

This we did and he then slept with me until 8am. He seemed a little dozy when he got up and even still a little dozy when I dropped him at Daycare but I explained that he had had Phenergan at 4am and if he seemed rather sleepy or they were worried about him then to give me a call as I am at home today.

So far I have had no call so I guess the drugs have worn off.
Who knows what he will be like at bedtime tonight, very tired I am hoping?

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Needled Mom said...

The joys of parenthood!!!! Just remember that someday you will be able to tortue him back by awakening him.