Friday, November 06, 2009

Labour Weekend

Labour weekend in New Zealand is at a different time to you guys in the North. Ours is the last weekend, more or less, of October.
As usual we went to the caravan and had a ball for 3 days. The weather was on our side and it was beautiful to relax with family and friends and do nothing.

well in Alex's case, be as stupid as ever!

Lots of good company, food and alcohol makes for one enjoyable weekend.

We did leave the caravan once during the weeknd and that was to go to the local RSA (Returned Services Association) to an open day they had. It allowed the kids to run around for 10 minutes somewhere different and to also play on the bouncy castle and little mini ferris wheel. They loved it.

This is also my 800th post on my blog. Man those posts creep up on you when you are not looking, 900 next and then the wonderful 1000th

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