Thursday, November 05, 2009

Friendship Bag

Back in July I agreed to take part in a small swap for a wee little bag. It was all arranged over here and it all looked simple enough to do!

So during September I made up my little bag to send to me swap person who lived in New York, USA. I had a trial run in August and this is what it turned out like....

A little bag with a nice little New Zealand feel to it. So at the right time in October, well give or take a day or two, I sent off my bag to the person in the US and a week later I received my bag through the post.
Now my bag did not come from the person I sent to, mine came from Germany.

It is so cute, she kindly sent a fat quarter of the material she used on the inside and also a pattern for another style of bag (it is all in German, but sure I can translate it to use it!)
So thank you to the people that organised this little swap and thank you to the kind lady in Germany who sent me this gorgeous bag and little gifts.

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