Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lost and Found

On Monday, Steve came in from the garden to show me a camera he had found there.
A little white digital camera that was at the back of our garden in the compost area.

It was laid on the top of the ground so had not been there too long, plus he was also throwing grass clippings down there just over 2 weeks ago and he never noticed it then.

It is a little dirty and wouldn't go, but this could be because the battery is flat. However he did have the brainwave to take out the memory card and put it into our camera.
Hey presto, up came over 500 pictures.
The camera obviously belongs to a young lady in her early 20's. We think we can even say which one in the pictures it belongs to.
Steve thought he recognised a street in one of the shots but we were not sure.
However in some of the pictures there is a company van parked at the house next door.

So being the little detective that I am, I printed off some of the pictures and went and paid the company a little visit.
My theory being that maybe someone from the company would recognise the house that the van is parked at and then they would in turn be able to tell me where the house is to get in touch with the people next door.

Turns out to be even better once I got to the company.
The guy who's house the van is at was at work, he said yes he knew the house I was looking for and even knew the people in the shots as he himself had attended the party in the pictures.
So I have left him the pictures and my contact details and asked him to please contact the people and let them know I have their camera and pictures.
The house in question turns out to be out the back of us on another street quite close by.
However we are yet to figure out how the camera has ended up at the end of our garden as no street backs on to us only other properties. In fact you have to go down another street to get to one of the houses behind us.
So whether someone stole the camera and has then come through the property behind us or they visited the house behind and threw it our way thinking it would get buried in our garden where we are obviously doing some work who knows?
The pictures are dated from March and April, however we were not sure if they were this year or last, but have since discovered they are from this year.

So I will keep you posted on whether we are able to succeed in our little mission of being model citizens and returning the camera and pictures to the rightful owner or not!

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Interesting....good luck.