Monday, August 09, 2010

e-Books & My Wishes

A little behind the time, New Zealand has just recently launched the Kobo, an e-book device.

You can only buy it in one store in NZ and it is through their website that you can down load the books. You do still have the ability to download to your PC as well.

Steve mentioned the other day, as we were packing to go to Auckland, that I could do with a Kobo, as I packed the library 3 large books into the bag.
So whilst in Auckland I sought one out and had a play.
It was nice, the concept was good and the size and weight was reasonable for what it is, although there were one or two features I didn't like.

The other evening Steve was on the computer and happened to come across the Kindle, the more world wide version of the Kobo.

Unfortunately to begin with it is not available in NZ as a hand held device, although you can download to your PC.
Upon further reading I decided I actually liked this device, it is actually going to hit NZ shores at the end of August. But unlike the NZ Kobo, this has a better selection of material available for it online.

I have also seen the ipad.

Now this gives me the ability to have Kindle on it, which I think is a good thing as then the device is actually used for other things and not just reading a book.

However I do also wish to have something else and that is a laptop computer.

As I am currently undertaking some new study I wish to have something a little more portable and user friendly than my PC at home in the study. I will also find it useful for my work when all is completed.
The boys are starting to take more of an interest in the computer too, even if it is just to play games on, I believe it is not long before we are going to have to consider another PC at home, I feel a laptop would be a suitable solution.
It would fit with the family in that we could have it to take with us when going places and I do like the ability to be able to do computer work in someother place than the study.
I would be able to have Kindle or Kobo on there and although it is bigger and bulkier than either the Kobo or Kindle, I like the fact it has multi functions that would make the device more financially viable.
We would get more use out of the laptop for the $1200 we would be spending than we would from the $299 for the Kobo or the $300 odd for the Kindle or even $800 for the ipad.

If I was suddenly given the ability to obtain any of the above then I would choose the laptop, I am a reader but not enough that I feel I need a device especially for it, when I can have a laptop and still use the programme but get some much more use from it.

Although if money was no object then I would go for the ipad and the laptop, but then who wouldn't?


Needled Mom said...

Ah...if money grew on trees!!!

Laurie said...

IF ONLY....You will have to start a Birthday and Chrismas wish list.. But I do agree a laptop would be a good thing for your studying.
hugs Mum x