Saturday, August 07, 2010

Time Out

This is a type of punishment that we happily use in this house, although this time it was me getting "Time Out"
Steve had a conference to attend up in Auckalnd and I managed to go with him.
Grandma came and looked after the boys for us for 3 days, which was great.

He did ask me why I wanted to go, as he mentioned that he would be out at the conference for all the days, but that was exactly the reason, time all to myself.

Steve left me in Auckalnd at 8am on Monday and I saw him again at 5.30pm that evening. I managed to have lunch at my old hospital and catch up with old friends.
I enjoyed a pleasant walk back to the hospital and got to read a magazine for an hour before I met him at the evening drinks.
Tuesday was pretty much the same. He left at 8.30am and this time I didn't see him until 9.30pm.
I had lunch with a friend, did some shopping for Steve and then had dinner with my best friend.

By the time we got home on Wednesday evening I had had a great time. No one asking me for juice or food, no one wanting anything from me at all.
Seeing as Ben's habit at present is to sit in the lounge watching tv with Steve, and then to climb over Steve to come and find me to ask me to get him something. He will even come outside to the garage or upstairs to find me just to ask for a drink!
Go figure!!

So life is back to normal now, work and school, school and work, it goes on and on and one day ticks on into the next.

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