Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nearly Time

Nearly time for what you may ask?
Nearly time for my first born's birthday.
How do I know.....?
  1. He is now at the age where he knows it is coming up and so keeps reminding us.
  2. The date of course
  3. The magnolia trees are in bloom.
Odd thing to associate I know, but a week or 2 before I had Ben, I remember we took a walk around the neighbourhood and I happened to notice all the magnolia trees were in full bloom.
Now you can't miss magnolia trees when they are out as they are a burst of colourful flowers with no leaves on the trees.

Today when walking to the car at the end of the working day, I noticed all the trees in the street and it reminded me that of course it is Ben's birthday all too soon.
I will take the camera to work tomorrow and get a picture of the trees on the way home, because I have just checked google images and there were not many good pictures to show you of the trees.

Have a great Friday

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