Sunday, August 08, 2010


Sleeping is something special in this house, if it is not the snoring that keeps me awake then it is one of the boys wandering into our room in the night.

Alex has been doing this for a while and has also been going to bed in the evenings in his brother's bed, with him!

When questioned further about why, he came up with this answer "I don't like sleeping on my own, I get lonely"
Wouldn't be so bad, but he shares a room with Ben already and their beds are all of 2m apart, if that.

Grandma in her ultimate wisdom came up with a solution for this problem, which I have mentioned before.
Her solution was to suggest pushing their beds next to each other. That way he would be more or less sleeping next to his brother but in his own bed.
So we tried it and would you believe it has worked.
People are not walking around in the middle of the night as much now.
However their room does look very weird when you first walk in, with these 2 single beds pushed together in the middle of the room!

But if it keeps everyone sleeping in the correct places at night, then I am happy to try anything!


Laurie said...

"God bless Grandma" I hope you are all sleeping well.. my age and experience may be useful after all.... love from guess who ...yeap Grandma xx

Needled Mom said...

I think it is a perfect solution!!!