Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tooth Update

Unfortunately Ben is a very caring old soul who doesn't like change and gets attached to things very easily. (He cried the other evening because I had to throw out a toothbrush! he has had many so far, so not sure why he got attached to this one?)
He got all upset at the thought of putting his tooth under his pillow and letting the Tooth Fairy take it away.
Seems he isn't quite ready to let it go yet!

We explained that the Tooth Fairy only takes teeth that are placed under the pillow so if he leaves it on his bedside cabinet until he is ready for her to have it, then that is fine by us.

We will see how this goes, if by the weekend it is still there, then I may suggest to him that if he wants to keep it then we could look at writing a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining that because it is his first tooth he would like to keep it.

This morning he got up and his tooth was still where he left it. He explained to me that he wasn't ready for her to have it yet, he wants it. I told him, no problem, when he is ready she will hopefully visit.


Laurie said...

That's my boy !! Love Grandma x

Needled Mom said...

That is too funny. Usually they are dying to have the tooth fairy take it.

kimara said...

Does he realize he gets money? Maybe he is negotiate for a raise?