Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Update

Alex started school at the beginning of June, so is now comfortably into the 2nd half of this complete term at school.
It is going well, he seems happy enough, although he mentions often that no one will play with him. Not too worried about this as I know this will all change soon as he gets more confident in his surroundings.
I also know that he has gone into a class where half the kids have been in this class since January when school started, so he will find his feet soon and then there will be no worries, I hope.

Today we had his 5yr old assessment feedback with the teachers (he has 2 teachers as his class is bigger than normal size, 25 kids I think, so 2 to control them all) anyway, he has been tested in his numbers, writing, reading, understanding of speaking and basic skills.
Things like can he write his name? He passed this
Does he know his full name, address and telephone number? He passed this although he missed a name out of his name as he has so many (1st name 2 middle names and surname! I know a lot, just don't ask although Ben is the same, what were we thinking!?)
He was ok with his writing and good with his remembering sentences that were read to him. He knows most of his alphabet and can do basic number work. Struggles after about number 20 but having only been at school for 8 weeks has done very well already.

Overall he is doing great. Having a little trouble conforming in the class but things are getting better.
Are we worried about him at school?
Not at all, he is a bright child and just has to learn to control things and do as he is being asked.

Funny, he actually reminds me of my brother. My brother is only 2 yrs younger than me, but I remember a lot about how Iain was when he was younger and Alex reminds me of him all the time. His whole attitude is just like Iain's, I know he knows how to do things he just can't be bothered! He is smart but can't be bothered to apply himself.
Oh help, if I am saying this now when he is only 5 what will it be like when he is 13?

Ok now I think I need to go and lie down before I shock myself too much and start hyperventilating!

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