Monday, August 09, 2010

Wibble Wobble

Push pull
Jiggle joggle
Poke flick
Wibble wobble

Ben has had his first tooth come out today whilst at school
It has been wobbling for a few weeks now but suddenly had that final wibble and out it popped, although like always, I think an apple was involved!

So tonight he has gone to bed with it under his pillow anxiously waiting to see what the Tooth Fairy may leave for him.

As for the Tooth Fairy, I am not in touch with todays market price of teeth?
Seems $2 is the going rate according to all my friends on Facebook.
So I may up the anty for the first tooth and make it $3 as a special thing seeing as it is the 1st, but then stick to either $1-2 for all others after that. (Just have to remember what I did so I do the same for Alex when his turn comes round!)

According to Alex, the Tooth Fairy lives in the sky, she knows when you have a wobbly tooth and she comes to collect it at night. They keep them apparently but he couldn't tell us what they actually do with them!

I love the innocence of children, makes my day

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