Friday, September 21, 2012

All Things Must End

The Summer 2012 Scavenger Hunt has come to an end.
There have been over 70 people, from all over the world, taking part in this fun activity. All just to find and take a picture of 21 items throughout June, July, August and September.

When you look at it that way, there really isn't much too it.
Who couldn't do that??

Some of the items however were not your everyday on the shelf items, some you just had to be there to capture, others you had to hunt a little for.
But in the end we all managed to have some fun and find some crazy stuff along the way.
I even managed to get the kids involved and they had fun looking for items and reminding me of things I may need a picture of!

In this post I will show you the final things I needed for the hunt and also my favorite picture of them all.
As of yesterday I did still require 4 items. 1 could be subsitituted by a picture of either a heart shaped stone or a 4 leaf clover. I will let you read on to discover whether I had to resort to using either item!

#3 A Border
I really wanted to go for something creative other than the border of a flower bed in the garden, however I never managed to find anything, so I ended up with the border of the flower bed in my neighbours garden. I just like the way they have used the bricks slightly differently.

Although I did take pictures of the border round the sewing on the quilt my mum made for me a few years ago. I do love the purple colour she used.

#12 A Maze, Labyrinth or Trail
Funny story with this find is that tomorrow I am going to be attempting to complete the grown maze in Rotorua with the boys. Sure it would have been perfect for the hunt, shame it would be a day too late!
However for this one I got creative...
Firstly I can give you the game my cousin lent to the boys to play

A Game called 'Labyrinth' which is a moving maze game. You set the maze as the game is played but the idea is to set it so you end up at the finish but you opponent gets stuck at dead ends on the maze!

Secondly I give you the maze book that the boys like trying to do, although they are now finding them easy to complete!

#16 A Bride
This one I knew would be shear luck if I managed it. I sadly had no weddings to go to and knew of none coming up. We have a local Cathedral, the one I took pictures of here, however I never saw much activity during the last few months, but as I have mentioned once or twice, it is winter here so not really wedding season. This is another one of those items that give me another few weeks and I would be able to find brides all over the place for you!
The funny story about all this is that I thought my luck was in 2 weeks ago.
The boys and I had just walked home from soccer and my husband called to ask where we were as he was now free to come and collect us. We were just down the road from the Cathedral and I could see cars and people starting to mingle outside.
Steve came and collected us but I told him to drive round the block and meet me on the corner as I thought there was a wedding taking place (it was about 11am on a Saturday) and that I still needed a picture of a bride for the hunt! Would you believe he rolled his eyes at me at the craziness of it all!
So he drove round the corner and I ran up to the junction, crossed the road, camera at the ready and loitered a little on the pavement. I waited and waited as people slowly came out, dressed smartly, in black! Then it hit me, there was too much black! And no ribbon on the car!
Yep I was loitering waiting to get a picture of a bride at a funeral!

So I surrender on this picture and give you a heart shaped stone instead

#21 A Picture of You with Something That Symbolizes Your Nation
I asked a few mums at school what they would have their picture taken with if it was them? I didn't want to do a flag or passport (also small problem in that my passport is British not New Zealand).
Then I decided to go with something that all New Zealander's would immediately see and know as important to NZ mainly because this item is something that they would have all grown up with. It is iconic to New Zealand and if you didn't have one as a small child then I have found out that you had something missing from your childhood.
Ladies and gentlemen.....I give you the world famous Buzzy Bee. You can check out all about it here.
It is a true New Zealand Icon, something that any NZer would see overseas and immediately think of home.

Here in fact is a picture of my son when he first got this Buzzy Bee from his Uncle and Aunty for his 1st birthday.

So that completes the Summer 2012 Scavenger Hunt. It means I managed to find all 21 items, yea. Thank you to Rinda for organising something that has kept many of us amused for a few months. I would love to do another, people are mubbling about a winter one, or though for me that would be a summer one, so if that comes about, no requests for a picture of snow! But yes I  will be there for the next, if there is one.

My Most Favorite Picture of All
Part of the closing of this hunt is to choose my favorite picture I have taken from the whole hunt.
After reading back through all the posts and checking them all out I give you my favorite.....

My boys having fun with shadows
Happy weekend to you all x x


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic post! I feel like I sat down and had a cup of tea with you and got to chat with you. . . just perfect. And I loved learning about the N.Z. Busy Bee.

Irene said...

Enjoyed all your photographs. How clever to use a game and book for the maze/labyrinth photograph. I hadn't thought of that! And what a gorgeous quilt your Mum made for you.

Kat said...

Love your photos, and what a beautiful quilt you got from your mum.

Thank you for your comment on my photos.

Let's see if there will be a Winter / Christmas Scavenger hunt. :)

JulieJ said...

Well done at getting all 21