Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My Day

Today is a special day to me, it is my day to reflect on being a parent.
It is my day to look back and remember that small moment of life before we had kids.
It is my day to sit back and think about what was a head, not that we could have changed any of it.

You see our oldest is 9 tomorrow and when he was born all those years ago, I had the pleasure, sort of, of being in labour at home by myself for the whole day.
You see it was that typical 1st baby lark of not really thinking I was in labour and generally ignoring it. It was only at about 4.30pm when I finally called the midwife that we got a small gist of the fact that this might be it and things may be moving.

Steve had gone to work in the normal fashion but I hadn't bothered to tell him about the braxton hicks I had had at 2am, or the next 1 I had at 9am, I mean gezz, I was 38 weeks gone, it was part and parcel of everyday to me.
But something made me start to write down the times when I realised I was having them every hour or 2, and when they went to every half and hour after that. Yet I still didn't call him and ask him to come home to me, I just knew he would be home at the normal time of 5.

Which he was by the way, although he did know the midwife had been to visit so he did come home knowing that things may be changing.

And changing they were....

Here we are now, 9 years later and I can still remember that Thursday in 2003 like it was yesterday. I can tell you things that were on the tv that evening whilst I danced around the living room.
I can remember eating a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.
I can remember that my dad called from overseas, but try as I might there was no way I was sitting down to take the call.
I remember Steve and the midwife suggesting I get some rest as we were probably in for a long night! But there was no way I was able to sit or even lie down, not my thing in labour, I stand.

I remember that in fact the weather was pretty much how it is today....sunny in parts with the odd shower and lots of strong wind, hashing everything around.

And now here we are, 9 years later, I am at home today on my own. The boys are at school till 3, Steve is at work till 5 and I am sure if I turn the tv on at 2pm I will probably come across Oprah (just like then) or something similar, but today I am not having tuna fish for lunch, although that does sounds really nice.


Rhonda Parrish said...

Happy birthday to your son :)

It's fantastic that you have such vivid memories of the day he was born. My own memories of the day my daughter was born aren't quite as technicolor as yours, I don't think LOL Alas.

~ Rhonda Parrish

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahh What a beautiful day! Happy Birthday to him and hope you are enjoying your time home!