Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Scavenge Hunt Finds

Sometimes it is all or nothing...!
I can find several items within hours of each other and sometimes it can be weeks before I find that 1 item I needed.
Seeing as this lovely scavenger hunt finishes next week then I had better get a move on...

#10 A Horse
Now how hard could this really be??? I mean I live in the middle of New Zealand surrounded by farming communities as far as the eye can see and there are horses all over the place BUT do you think I ever had the camera with me?? Yea exactly never!
Eventually I remembered where there was a horse and I was determined to picture it.
So we trapsed all the way to the field at the end of a road and here is what we found...
a sign that a horse is near by
even more of a sign they are near by
Oh look, there they are in the farthest field away
#18 A Movie Poster
The main cinema in town closed down due to 2 huge ones opening outside of town in the shopping malls. But the last time I went to either mall was ages ago. However when I had to go to the largest mall for another shop that too has closed its branch in town, I remembered that the cinema was out there.
So with camera in hand I zoomed up the escalator to capture a suitable movie poster.

Only problem I found is that this particular cinema has decided to go all high tech and the movie posters are now only shown on the screens high on the wall.
What happened to a nice big picture on the wall? What happened to them being advertised at bus stops nowadays? The internet and phone apps sure have a lot to answer to!

And just to add to it all, the pictures changed every 20 seconds.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love these - the horses are actually very pretty in their far-away field.

Alison said...

have you many more to get now Kathryn...I'm looking for the heart-shaped stone in place of a pier- we really don't have them here!
Alison xx